The Show: I’ll be eating breakfast in the evening, as the world crumbles in May…

More sneaky threesomes on the show today, this time round plundering new albums from LES BAXTERS and PICKLE DARLING.

And we do love our synth-pop. So how could we resist MANIFEST KITSUNE‘s “catchy, creepy Lovecraft inspired synthwave live electronic anthem for the surreal year of 2021”? Hint: we couldn’t.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 22 May 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • NECRUM SELECT – Folks Get Down
  • R.A.P. FERREIRA – yamships, flaxscript
  • GAVSBORG – Domestic Music For Skeptical Dogs
  • SECCIÓN DE RITMO – No Drama Llama
  • ANZ – Unravel In The Designated Zone
  • LES BAXTERS – + Forth St.
  • LES BAXTERS – Nosferatu
  • BAE SESSIONS – complete destruction
  • S:BAHN – Exhaustion
  • DOUJIN DUKE – Super Awesome Curry
  • PICKLE DARLING – Achieve Lift!
  • PICKLE DARLING – Boundless My Heart
  • HUSHPUPPY – I Like Girls
  • THE GOON SAX – In the Stone
  • MANIFEST KITSUNE – Kisses For Fishes *
  • PEACHES – Pussy Mask
  • THE JUAN MACLEAN – I Can’t Explain
  • KERO KERO BONITO – Well Rested
  • DON ZILLA – Tension
  • U – Ecstasy
  • ØALL HÅTES – Śhínÿ Glìñt
  • BLACK POINT – Dighton Rock

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

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