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The Show: Joy From The World

One of those shows where, by sheer chance, every corner of the world seems to be represented (the glaring exception being our own back yard).

So thanks to the Republic of Ireland, Mali, UK, US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Argentina, Vietnam, Trinidad, Japan & France for the music in today’s show.

We’ll make amends on the local muisc shortfall in a special end of year show. If you can’t wait that long our 8k colleagues Cock Block & Tit Bit have put together a ClamJam Best NZ 2017 mix.

Direct download: The Joint – 23 December 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • CHIEFTAINS  –  Wren In The Furze
  • OUMOU SANGARE  –  Djoukourou (Aunty Flo Mix)
  • TELEMAN  –  Repeater
  • SOPHIE  –  Ponyboy
  • LEONARD COHEN  –  You Want It Darker (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)
  • SNACKS  –  Order To The Senses (Kornél Kovács Remix)

Alex vs Alexa

  • WAVVES  –  Christmas Time Is Here
  • REMYNYS  –  Flesh To Ash
  • LILY ALLEN  –  Trigger Bang (featuring Giggs)
  • LANARK ARTEFAX  –  Flickering Debris
  • HANNAH DIAMOND  –  Never Again
  • NILS BECH  –  Apart
  • THE BUG  –  Fall
  • DUMBFOUNDEAD  –  Rocket Man

Christmas Pie

  • 69 BOYZ AND QUAD CITY DJ’S  –  What You Want For Christmas
  • LOUISAHHH  –  Like A Vice
  • NHUNG NGUYEN  –  For June (Forever Summer)
  • AWA POULO  –  Poulo Hoto Ngari
  • SPIRITUAL CRAMP  –  Wrecking Machine
  • MELLOWHYPE  –  Tisk**
  • ANNA BURCH  –  Tea-Soaked Letter

Alexa vs Alex

  • LORD BEGINNER  –  Christmas Morning The Rum Had Me Yawning
  • ARTWORK  –  Let Go Of This Acid
  • IAMDDB  –  Trophy
  • KIKAGAKU MOYO  –  Floating Leaf
  • LANDO CHILL  –  Fck W/ Me
  • DR CHAN  –  PRANnnK​$​$​$ (​$​o $orry)
  • PSYCHIC TV  –  White Nights

Yé Yé

For once we’re trying to keep a promise made on the show so here’s the Yé Yé (Girls Of ’60’s French Pop Music) mix we said we would post.

And it’s a mix that we’re shamelessly plundering for content on The Joint.

Thank you Feral House.

Saturations video “Nowhere”

Blair Parkes aka Saturations has got a trippy new video for his track “Nowhere”.

The track is from his recent “Black Circles” EP which is available now for $10 on Bandcamp. Have a sneaky listen below.

More information:

X-Ray Charles video “Supersoaker”

“Supersoaker” is the perfect pop single from Christchurch’s X-Ray Charles recent”Selph Titled” EP. Nice video too. No bullshit. Just hardcore siftiness.

If you’re feeling flush go and buy their new release “Selph Titled”.

More info:

Saturations “Black Circles”

Continuing the impromptu survey of recent Christchurch releases we get to long time favourite of The Joint, the one and only Blair Parkes.

Blair is a one man Christchurch musical heritage (have a peek at his discography) and his latest incarnation is as Saturations, gentle, fuzzy, psychedelic lullabies beautifully crafted in New Brighton by the sea.

If we didn’t know better we’d imagine that Blair runs a special cactus plantation and has supernatural vision allowing him to permanently see purple skies, triple rainbows and flying unicorns.

The new Saturations EP “Black Circles” is gently epic. It’s like being wrapped in a big fluffy duvet and then putting yourself in a big slow motion clothes dryer and setting the dial for 14 minutes. We’ve tried to recreate that feeling many times but this is the closest we’ve got. Available now for $10 on Bandcamp. Have a sneaky listen below.

More information: