The Show: Fruit Salad

Cover versions open and close this week’s show.

We kicked off with Frankie Rose’s (almost) note perfect copy of The Cure’s “A Forest”. Always had a soft spot for the original since seeing it performed on Top Of The Pops with the drummer sitting in front of the group. Revolutionary stuff.

On a more sobering note, this recent take on a 41 year old song would equate to The Cure, back in 1980, covering the likes of Glenn Miller or Gene Autry.

And the Wiggles brought the curtain down by going slightly off-piste with Tame Impala’s “Elephant.” At least we think it’s off-piste. We certainly don’t remember the “fruit salad” refrain in the original song.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 17 April 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • FRANKIE ROSE – A Forest
  • JANE WEAVER – Modern Reputation
  • TKAY MAIDZA – Syrup
  • TONI – Another’s Door
  • DREAMER’S HANDBOOK or BOOGIE WOMACK or…  we don’t know – Upstairs
  • THE MALE GAZE – Someday
  • GIRL IN RED – Save Your Tears (P3live:)
  • DOJA CAT – Kiss Me More (featuring SZA)
  • serpentwithfeet – Heart Storm (featuring NAO)
  • VEGYN – So Much Time – So Little Time (featuring John Glacier)
  • MADLIB – Filthy (Untouched)
  • FEA – Mujer Moderna
  • FORD – Eggs Of British Birds
  • TASNEEM – All Your Cousins
  • TONI – Dazed
  • QUELLE CHRIS & THE ALCHEMIST – Iron Steel Samurai
  • beabadoobee – Last Day On Earth
  • KIEFER – Superhero
  • HORSEGIRL – Ballroom Dance Scene
  • so badly – Tell Me
  • A.G. COOK – Today (Dream Mix)
  • DAWN RICHARD – Jacuzzi
  • ANZAHLUNG – This Is Not A Test
  • FREEEZ – Southern Freeez
  • DOSS – Look
  • MARIA UZOR – Get The Boys In The Band
  • LSDXOXO – Sick Bitch
  • JUNGLE – Keep Moving
  • POP UP! – Paradise City
  • BEAK> – Oh Know
  • ENUMCLAW – Free Drop Billy
  • FRED AGAIN.. – Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing) (featuring The Blessed Madonna)
  • TONI – True Lies
  • WIGGLES, THE – Elephant *

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

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