The Show: Well that’s gentrification you prick

We were going to use more of the #MAGAChallenge entries on today’s show but, quite frankly, we lost the will to live after viewing a half dozen. Better to cut back on the sneering and squeeze in more tunes. Or as a member of Consolidated’s audience put it during a live show “I reckon you should shut the fuck up and play some music”.

And if we had played more music we could have squeezed in the new Pregoblin single.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 18 November 2019

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • ALGIERS  –  Can The Sub Bass Speak?
  • BELLA BOO  –  Your Girlfriend
  • CLIPPING  –  Aquacode Databreaks
  • FEON  –  Gotta Slay
  • HXXS  –  Last Days Of Magic
  • JACQUES GREENE  –  For Love
  • POVOA  –  Luciola
  • MAYMIND  –  Asset 20
  • SUGAR WORLD  –  Sad In Heaven
  • COLIN JACKMAN  –  D’Jab Jab Dance (Bad Lad Mix)
  • HAZEL ENGLISH  –  Shaking
  • ORIOR  –  To Return
  • ANDY STOTT  –  Versi
  • AMA  –  Crystal


  • REGULARFANTASY  –  MSN (with D. Futers)
  • MOTION EPIC, THE  –  True Romantics
  • CLAMS CASINO  –  Rune
  • WIKI  –  Grim (featuring Denzel Curry & Lil Ugly Mane)
  • SINEAD O’BRIEN  –  A Thing You Call Joy
  • TAYYIB ALI  –  Never Get Enough
  • DOJA CAT  –  Juicy (featuring Tyga)
  • CLARK  –  Legacy Pet
  • EX-WHITE  –  Atomic Disease
  • MURA MASA  –  Deal Wiv It (with slowthai)*
  • BRYTE  –  Ice Cream
  • BIG YOUTH  –  Jim Screechy
  • INJURY RESERVE  –  HPNGC (featuring JPEGMAFIA & Code Orange)
  • ZONAL  –  In A Cage (featuring Moor Mother)
  • WIKI  –  Fee Fi Fo Fum
  • DANO  –  120 9000 BPM

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

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