The Show: “Must We Fling This Filth At Our Pop Kids” 2

We first asked this question back in April 2017 and the answer remains the same. Yes.

So have a listen to back-to-back bawdy lyrics from Cupcakke and Dry Cleaning. We wanted to follow those two artists with a new tune from Katie Vick but The Joint is unable to (play songs containing the word) cum three times in a row.

Direct download: The Joint – 07 September 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • MIK ARTISTIK’S EGO TRIP  –  Sweet Leaf Of The North
  • EB  –  La Criox
  • TRALALA BLIP  –  Nightmare Lands Welcome You To
  • CAROLINE POLACHEK  –  Ocean Of Tears
  • MARIAH THE SCIENTIST  –  Beetlejuice
  • MURDER CAPITAL, THE  –  Don’t Cling To Life

SHERMAN’S SHOWCASE  –  Now That’s What I Call White Music

  • DJ PLEAD  –  Battiekh 3
  • GHOSTWHIP  –  Je’taime
  • DEUX  –  Game And Performance
  • BLACK MIDI  –  bmbmbm (Live @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2019)
  • OMNI  –  Sincerely Yours
  • SP:MC  –  Vintage
  • KOKOKO!  –  Buka Dansa

SHERMAN’S SHOWCASE  –  Lady Rap Battle

  • AFRICA EXPRESS  –  Sizi Freaks (featuring Infamous Boiz and Moonchild Sanelly)
  • CUPCAKKE  –  Whoregasm
  • DRY CLEANING  –  Goodnight
  • RAPSODY  –  Ibtihaj (featuring D’Angelo and GZA)
  • DAN MASON  –  Fade
  • NEGESHI ARMADA  –  Boardwalk

SHERMAN’S SHOWCASE  –  Hip Hop Whodunit

  • CURSES  –  Insomnia
  • MOON DUO  –  Lost Heads
  • ZELLA JACKSON  –  Days Are Just Like People
  • HORRORS, THE  –  Press Enter To Exit (HAAi Remix)
  • CHANNEL TRES  –  Black Moses (featuring JPEGMAFIA)
  • ANTHONY NAPLES  –  Drifter

And here’s a sneak preview of our new Spotify podcast stream:

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