Saturations “Black Circles”

Continuing the impromptu survey of recent Christchurch releases we get to long time favourite of The Joint, the one and only Blair Parkes.

Blair is a one man Christchurch musical heritage (have a peek at his discography) and his latest incarnation is as Saturations, gentle, fuzzy, psychedelic lullabies beautifully crafted in New Brighton by the sea.

If we didn’t know better we’d imagine that Blair runs a special cactus plantation and has supernatural vision allowing him to permanently see purple skies, triple rainbows and flying unicorns.

The new Saturations EP “Black Circles” is gently epic. It’s like being wrapped in a big fluffy duvet and then putting yourself in a big slow motion clothes dryer and setting the dial for 14 minutes. We’ve tried to recreate that feeling many times but this is the closest we’ve got. Available now for $10 on Bandcamp. Have a sneaky listen below.

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