Looking back at 2010…

What a crazy year 2010 was. The All Whites were the only unbeaten team at the World Cup, the Christchurch mayoral race was interesting for once, and the September 4 Canterbury earthquake wiped the smiles off our dials (fantastic rolling aftershock this afternoon, by the way).

Oh, and a lot of damn fine music was released.

I wasn’t going to worry about compiling a list of musical favourites and highlights (others have done a more comprehensive job than I ever could – and I prefer continuums rather than compartmentalising things into years) but when I started scribbling down artists and albums and singles I was surprised how long the list got (and I’m sure I’ve overlooked heaps of stuff). In my mind it makes a liar of anyone who says that 2010 was a crap year for music.

So here’s what stood out for moi…

And if you didn’t find that very exciting here’s some respectable peeps with a lot more cred than me sharing their opinions on the year in music…

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  1. Hi. ‘Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu’ to you and Jeanne
    Apart from the obvious, the only band I’ve heard of is ‘Hodgson’scrap’ from your list. So looking forward to being edutained. I’ll keep you on as my personal musicologist for another year!

    I opened one of your joint links posted on facebook a few weeks ago and got a virus alert for a Trojan. Any idea? I think my facebook was hacked and your link was hijacked , ??

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