For the trainspotters (literally)…

Bergensbanen is the historic railway line in Norway that links Bergen to Oslo. It’s a very scenic ride that takes you past fjords and over mountains.

In October 2009 the Norwegian TV channel NRK2 filmed the 371km / 7.5 hour journey and screened parts of it on TV in November 2009. In December 2009 NRK made the footage available as an HD download.

A group of DJs at the forums put together a soundtrack for this footage. There are 13 segments in total with 13 different ideas of a perfect soundtrack. It looks fantastic when you go full screen and it is quite hypnotic. A very enjoyable way to learn about the geography of Norway and listen to some techno / trance mixes you may never have heard otherwise.

View all 13 mixes here »

Tip of the hat to Nick of Ocean of Sound.

By the way, not sure why I’ve always been a sucker for music videos involving trains but here are some of my favourites…

KLF – Last Train to Trancentral (1991)

The Chemical Brothers “Star Guitar” (2002)

Robert Miles “Children” (1994)

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