Karlmarx “The Karlmarx Project”

The Karlmarx Project

Starting off the show at midday today with a selection of tracks from Karlmarx‘s forthcoming album “The Karlmarx Project” – nice, chilled slo-mo cosmic disco.

Karlmarx are brothers Karl McNeill (aka Isaac Aesili ex Solaa) and Mark McNeill (former RDU sound engineer who can read your mind like a book, take your vague idea, and make something better out of it)  are two of the mellowest people you will ever meet.

Karlmarx describe “The Karlmarx Project” as “a soundtrack for a science fiction movie that was never made.” I’m a sucker for soundtracks and what I’ve heard so far sounds like my favourites Dam-Funk, Rekid and Snooze hooking up with Vangelis for a jam.

Not sure when the album gets a release but we’ll keep you posted.

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