Uneasy listening

You are listening to
WARNING: You are listening to is quite addictive.

Due to work commitments (The Herb Whisperer) and general faineancy (Fraserhead) there was no action packed instalment of The Joint on RDU yesterday.

If you need some way of filling this void in your life please allow us to recommend some uneasy listening to get you through today, Christmas, and the New Year.

You are listening to combines real time police and emergency services scanner audio from various US cities with ambient and drone tracks from Soundcloud. More comforting and soothing than voyeuristic it’s the brainchild of Eric Eberhardt (read the IndieShuffle interview here). For me it’s the aural equivalent of a movie scene showing the city at night from a helicopter. Very nice to fall asleep to, whether in a sunny backyard or late at night in bed.

And if that’s right up your alley my workmate Tim recommends the following SomaFM channels:

  • SF 10-33 – Ambient music mixed with the sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic.
  • Mission Control – Celebrating NASA and space explorers everywhere. A mix of ambient and experimental music mixed with the historical sounds of the space program.



OMG – my Human Centipede Sock Puppet wish almost came true!!!

Last Tuesday The Herb Whisperer, Sifty Shane and I took a gamble and went to see The Human Centipede at the NZ International Film Festival.

Despite all the hype it wasn’t too shocking, just a little silly in places, but really may have been “100% medically accurate”. If anything, it reminded me of all the tedious corporate team building courses I’ve been subjected to in my life. All in all, the sort of movie sorbet that everyone needs once in a while.

I was hoping for a sequel eg: “The Human Centipede 2: Sock Puppets” but today I discovered something better.

Today I saw the Sock Monkey Human Centipede on Boing Boing (the designer is Lori Muffinface):

Sock Monkey Human Centipede via Boing Boing
Sock Monkey Human Centipede via Boing Boing

 Maybe more movies should be done as soft toys. It would save us all a lot of time.

Karlmarx “The Karlmarx Project”

The Karlmarx Project

Starting off the show at midday today with a selection of tracks from Karlmarx‘s forthcoming album “The Karlmarx Project” – nice, chilled slo-mo cosmic disco.

Karlmarx are brothers Karl McNeill (aka Isaac Aesili ex Solaa) and Mark McNeill (former RDU sound engineer who can read your mind like a book, take your vague idea, and make something better out of it)  are two of the mellowest people you will ever meet.

Karlmarx describe “The Karlmarx Project” as “a soundtrack for a science fiction movie that was never made.” I’m a sucker for soundtracks and what I’ve heard so far sounds like my favourites Dam-Funk, Rekid and Snooze hooking up with Vangelis for a jam.

Not sure when the album gets a release but we’ll keep you posted.

Some wisdom and perspective from old geezers

Be happy like these chaps

Depending upon who you talk to about music (and we’re really generalising here), the older the music fan the more likely their perspective (from the moral high ground) seems to be that:

(a) everything was better in the old days
(b) there’s no new music worth listening to, and
(c) <insert comment here that always make you roll your eyes>

As we’ve always said, the older you get, the bigger the music back catalogue gets, and the more you get to choose from. In other words, take the open-minded approach not the close-minded approach.

So it was quite refreshing to come across some recent musings from “old geezers” who have always had interesting things to say about music. Just when you expect them to take the “grumpy old men” approach they surprise us by being quite open-minded and philosophical about things…

Nick Hornby on the liberating effect of MP3 blogs
Where the author of “High Fidelity” embraces the internet and majorly props Hype Machine. Nice one Nick. Some gems…

Keeping in touch with the things that help us feel alive – music, books, movies, even the theatre, if, mysteriously, you are that way inclined – becomes a battle, and one that many of us lose, as we get older…

[On MP3 blogs] …some of these post songs from new bands, and some post scratched old vinyl funk records, and if you spend an hour messing about you’ll find 20 or 30 great songs you never knew before. In other words: there’s no excuse…

All I know is that if you love music, and you have a curious mind, there has never been a better time to be alive.

Paul Morley interviews Mark Moore
As part of his Showing Off series for The Guardian, music journalist / critic / promoter Paul Morley chats with Mark Moore of S’Express about the stigma of liking disco.

Bill Drummond’s 2008 lecture “The death of recorded music”
Living legend Bill Drummond gave a lecture on the death of recorded music at BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking ‘08 festival  in Liverpool. See also the Bill Drummond interview in The Quietus “Recorded music has run its course”.