The (no) Show: Community service beckons

In our defence we never, ever played "Easy Lover".
In our defence we never, ever played “Easy Lover”. Honest.

Unbeknownst to many of our listeners we were recently prosecuted for crimes against DJing. The prosecution was successful and we have decided not to appeal. We’ve been sentenced to community service which means we’re unable to do the show today.

The very good news is that Matt and Dan from Hauswerk are able to fill in for us at short notice so look forward to a whole four hours of house music from 10am till 2pm. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hauswerk podcast!

Those crimes against DJing, by the way, include, but are not limited to:

  • playing things in one channel;
  • playing things in mono rather stereo;
  • train wreck beat matching (or not beat matching);
  • using dodgy microphone cables;
  • playing sweary stuff right before Molo’s show, and;
  • sharing dirty needles.

If you listen to Hauswerk you will notice that they do not commit these types of crimes. Thank goodness for that.

Mount Pleasant “The Flood” LP

Mount Pleasant "The Flood" LP

On the show last Saturday I was being a little bit cheeky when I described the new Mount Pleasant LP “The Flood” as being the perfect soundtrack for David Lynch’s remake of “American Psycho”.

In hindsight I don’t think I was too far wrong. This album pushes my buttons. Jonathan Phillips is sneaky like that. “The Flood” comes across as more of a sketchbook than the final, finished article and that’s why I like it.

With woozy cover versions of songs that I really hated in my childhood (Bruce Springsteen’s “On Fire”, Stevie Nicks’ “Sara”, and Phil Collins’ “Sussudio”) but now sort of like (not in an ironic way – it’s more like Stockholm Music Syndrome), lots of loud/quiet dreamy pop (“In The City”), dropouts and cutouts, glitches, snares and keyboards this is my kind of (un)easy listening.

The kicker for me is the final track on the album – a cover of Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” – one of my favourite songs of all time. I can still remember the first time I saw Dean Stockwell camply and menacingly mime the song in Blue Velvet. I was terrified and had strange dreams for weeks afterwards. It was my initiation into the weird universe of David Lynch. I have a hunch that Jonathan Phillips resides in a corner of that same universe.

The show: Back from the brink of obscurity

So, yeah, we attempted to keep the show on the straight and narrow today because  The Herb Whisperer thought we may have been too obscure with the music selections over the last few weeks. However, we resorted to type and went all over the place (much to Sasha’s chagrin) once again. Doesn’t look like we’ll ever make it in the commercial radio market. Oh well.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

Sorry, there’s no fancy schmancy m4a versions this week. Just the mp3 below.

1pm – 2pm

Sorry, there’s no fancy schmancy m4a versions this week. Just the mp3 below.

Alternatively, this is the raw, unpasteurized version of the show in mp3 format. No chapters, pictures or links. Slightly less quality. Otherwise the audio content is the same as the two files above. The choice is yours…..

Download 12pm – 2pm here (mp3 file)

Phil Collins – Still The Biggest Fucking Cunt / Cock* In Music

*Delete where gender appropriate

According to the Hamburger Abendblatt, quoted here on Huffington Post, Phil Collins is planning to release a new album in 2010 consisting of cover versions of 30 Motown songs. Apparently, he wants “the songs to sound exactly like the originals”.




If you can’t be arsed bringing one shred of individuality or exercising one braincell in the creation of music.




At this point I was going to link to Paul Morley tearing Phil a new one in an interview in the NME in the 80’s. Or Mr. Collins’ vow to leave the UK should the Tories lose the general election in 1997. Or his ridiculous grandstanding on Live Aid by playing at both London and Philadelphia.

But I can’t be fucking bothered.