The (no) Show: Community service beckons

In our defence we never, ever played "Easy Lover".
In our defence we never, ever played “Easy Lover”. Honest.

Unbeknownst to many of our listeners we were recently prosecuted for crimes against DJing. The prosecution was successful and we have decided not to appeal. We’ve been sentenced to community service which means we’re unable to do the show today.

The very good news is that Matt and Dan from Hauswerk are able to fill in for us at short notice so look forward to a whole four hours of house music from 10am till 2pm. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hauswerk podcast!

Those crimes against DJing, by the way, include, but are not limited to:

  • playing things in one channel;
  • playing things in mono rather stereo;
  • train wreck beat matching (or not beat matching);
  • using dodgy microphone cables;
  • playing sweary stuff right before Molo’s show, and;
  • sharing dirty needles.

If you listen to Hauswerk you will notice that they do not commit these types of crimes. Thank goodness for that.

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