The Show: No name. Just a number. 027 242 8635.

As always, every track we play on the show is a hit, so it’s hard to pick favourites. But in these post-Covid times of uncertain futures allow us to recommend the new DARKSPACE fundraiser compilation which celebrates two of Ōtautahi’s premier music venues, Darkroom and Space Academy. It’s almost like being back at gigs.

And on with the show…


Direct download: The Joint – 9 October 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

    • DOUJIN DUKE – I Can Sleep Now
    • MOONDOG – Lament I, ‘Bird’s Lament’
    • ROY OF THE RAVERS – Versace 101624
    • RED AXES – Professor Grasstov
    • TZ – Dissolution
    • NECRUM SELECT – All For What
    • LANCE SKIIIWALKER – Sometimes
    • MOOR MOTHER – Race Function Limited (feat. Brother May)
    • SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – Kill-A-Milli (feat. Papa Roger Robinson)
    • LEON DUNCAN – Babur
    • KOOL AID – Lumbo Run *
    • LUCY HUNTER – Tolouse (demo)
    • NOTV AND MAD FRANK – Slaughtering Captives
    • WET LEG – Wet Dream
    • RE:LAPSE – f
    • HOVVDY – Junior Day League
    • CATHERINE MOAN – Body Work
    • THE LIMIÑANAS & LAURENT GARNIER – Ne gâche pas l’aventure humaine
    • PROJET MARINA – Ecce Homo
    • THE IDEALIST – Universal Lover
    • FUZZ CATS – Alarm
    • JUNUS ORCA – Prophet of Blindness and Vision
    • ROBIN FLUX – You Make Me Feel
    • TERR – Wings Of Time
    • PUMA & THE DOLPHIN – The Dress (Michal Turtle Remix)
    • THE FALL – Lost In Music

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

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