The Joint: Let me in your pub. I’m not looking for trouble, I’m looking for love.

Two weeks ago we made a bold claim that “Summer of Soul” was the best music documentary we’ve seen in years.

“The Sparks Brothers”, directed by Edgar Wright, might run it close though. At 2 hours and 20 minutes long it provides an exhaustive account of the Ron and Russell’s 50 year career.

Here Edgar Wright talks about his life – from child to auteur – in terms of the music he listened to. There’s a heavy debt to 70’s K-Tel and Ronco compilations.

And if you were expecting a Sparks laden playlist on the back of all that you are going to be disappointed. Not a Mael tune in sight. You’ll have to go back to a Joint from 4 years ago instead.

But on with today’s show…

Direct download: The Joint – 7 August 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • ANIKA  –  Finger Pies
  • SUGABABES  –  Same Old Story (Blood Orange Remix)
  • SUPERSTATE  –  Yoga Town (featuring Graham Coxon & Valentina Pappalardo)
  • SAINT ETIENNE  –  Pond House
  • DEAD ACTORS  –  Heart-Shaped Swimming Pool
  • TOP CAT  –  Roughest Gunark (DJ Rap Jungle Mix)
  • SCOTCH ROLEX  –  U.T.B. 88
  • BC CAMPLIGHT  –  I’m Alright In The World
  • 박혜진 PARK HYE JIN  –  Whatchu Doin Later
  • REVIVAL SEASON  –  Iron Warrior
  • MAGIC ROUNDABOUT  –  She’s A Waterfall
  • SITCOM  –  Gutter
  • WATER FROM YOUR EYES  –  Track Five
  • TALEEN KALI  –  Baby Love (Astrobrite Remix)
  • CLINIC  –  Fantasy Island
  • ROBERT HOOD  –  Chroma Light
  • ANNE CLARK  –  Our Darkness
  • FRANCES FOREVER  –  Space Girl
  • BINKI  –  Clay Pigeon
  • DEAD ACTORS  –  Fire In The Burning Sun
  • NILÜFER YANYA  –  Day 7.5093 (keiyaA Remix)
  • DON ZILLA  –  Ekivuuma
  • DVSN & TY DOLLA $IGN  –  I Believed It (featuring Mac Miller)
  • DIVIDE AND DISSOLVE  –  Far From Ideal (Chelsea Wolfe Remix)
  • COSMODROME  –  Pas De Strings Pour Le Lovertronic Style
  • MY SOLID GROUND  –  The Executioner
  • GIRL IN RED  –  Bad Idea! (World in Red Livestream Preview)
  • SIAL  –  Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati
  • SCOTCH ROLEX  –  Juice (featuring MC Yallah)
  • SLEIGH BELLS  –  Locust Laced
  • AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS  –  Security *

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

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