The Show: Flickering, flickering, flickering…

“Hey pretty baby it’s been a while, haven’t seen your lovely face for a long time”

Yes, it’s been a long time Maria Minerva and it’s good to have you back. The new album Soft Power is out 18 September on 100% Silk, and until then we’ve got “Wake Up In NYC” on repeat…

Not to play favourites or anything but our 8K compatriot Dik Detonic (aka New Ways 2 Noise) is celebrating his solitary confinement in Melbourne by getting S:Bahn back together. “Sync or Swim” is out now and the album “Queen Of Diamonds” is due for release very soon on Polaks Records. “Another month of fucking Sundays” indeed.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 12 September 2020

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • MARIA MINERVA – Wake Up In NYC *
  • SHORT-HAIRED DOMESTIC – A song in Spanish addressed to men who drive big cars
  • JOUSKA – Beat Up Your Baby
  • EN DIRECT – Fabrik
  • BODY BEAT RITUAL – Control Freak
  • DENHAM AUDIO – Feel The Panic
  • RON ELLIOT – Haarlem
  • SOSHI TAKEDA – Double Canoe
  • SAM PREKOP – Summer Places
  • CAMERON FINLAY – For Clare
  • DESOLATE TESTAMENTS – faux realms
  • SYNTHETIC CHILDREN – forgiven – two (feat. Bambin)
  • LORD OF THE ISLES – Inheritance (feat. Ellen Renton)
  • PREFUSE 73 – Oceans Into Lakes
  • PREFUSE 73 – Guermo Harp
  • PREFUSE 73 – Full Sunday
  • SHLOHMO – Heaven Inc.
  • NOVELLER – Zeaxanthin
  • SASAMI ASHWORTH – Portrait
  • CIEL – Same Old Times With U
  • S:BAHN – Sync or Swim
  • THE LIMIÑANAS – Calentita (feat. Nuria)
  • AVON DADS – Arrival
  • BEATA – Prayers of Consequence

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

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