The Show: Like a fool, I call you on a Saturday…

Oh wow! How did we ever miss this one? Official video for YUMI ZOUMA‘s IN CAMERA. Dreamy as always. Plus a bicycle, argyle and floral patterns, and proper dance moves. Who could ask for more?

And what with it being April 13th RECORD STORE DAY why not celebrate Avril 14th aka APHEX TWIN DAY instead with a whole bunch of Avril 14th cover versions sprinkled throughout the show? Why not indeed #ITSEEMEDLIKEAGOODIDEAATTHETIME

Direct download: The Joint – 13 April 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • ROBBY BOWEN & ADAM HOLMES – Avril 14th (Vibraphones)
  • MASSIMILIANO PAGLIARA – Vilaggio Paradiso (On Acid)
  • FJAAK – Drugs
  • AAAA – Lady Bird Walk
  • NATHAN DE BROIZE-KING – Avril 14th (Accordion)
  • SUPERNOVA WOLF – Grasslands
  • RUINS – It’s Not Too Grand
  • WILL VAN HORN – Avril 14th (Pedal steel)
  • MODEL HOME – Bow
  • YUMI ZOUMA – In Camera *
  • CELIA MANCINI – The Yellow & Purple Dress
  • 2XM – Orien (DJ Psychiatre Remix)
  • JASONVSSHOTGUN – Avril 14th (8 Bit)
  • PREFUSE 73 – Every Off Key Beat
  • MR. OIZO – Viandes Légumes Véhicules
  • NIKKI NAIR – Exit Strategy
  • LOCKED GROOVE – Eden (feat. Stella)
  • KELLER CRACKERS – Specialised
  • STEPHEN NEWHOUSE – Avril 14th (Music box)
  • ASUNA & JAN JELINEK – Pulsating Primary Structure
  • DON’T DJ – Circular Time
  • SARAH DAVIES – Avril 14th (Harp)
  • TEVO HOWARD – Post Modern Chicago
  • MEMOTONE – Sidewise Dub
  • JAKO MARON – Maloya B5160-8
  • JOSH COHEN – Avril 14th (Piano)

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

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