We wanted stupid entertainment, baby, we asked for it

Amongst other things, Fraserhead plays the beats (from the likes of BOLIS PUPUL, ALEXIS LE-FAN, SKYMNING, BORROWED CS), the beatless (courtesy of SARAH DAVACHI, BLACK MERLIN, and JAPAN BLUES), plus some proggy psych rock from Cologne trio MOUTH.

There’s even some telephone calls via PILOOSKI’s mix for the LEMAIRE men fall/winter 2018 show. Right up our alley. Have a listen below for the full, voyeuristic effect…


Otherwise, here’s the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 18 March 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • Audiophysical – Escape Plan B
  • Sarah Davachi – For Strings
  • Mouth – Vortex
  • Kassem Mosse – MPCDEEPLIVEDIT
  • skymning – Fell Into Place
  • UNKNOWN ME – AWA (Buenos Aires)
  • Borrowed cs – saturday nite in
  • Jasss – Minotauro
  • Rushmore – Soho Only
  • Swedish Naan Boys – Hold Time
  • Marshall Applewhite – The Book is on the Table (cover) 118 Bpm
  • Franco Godi – Baiubadu (La Linea theme)
  • Black Merlin – Hope
  • Japan Blues – Yakuza No Uta
  • Pilooski – Lemaire Men FW2018
  • Focus – Moger
  • Dollkraut – Holy Ghost People
  • Sun Kil Moon – Lone Star *
  • Alexis Le-Fan – Swiss Cottage
  • Mouth – Mountain

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.


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