A Post: Mining the (80’s) audio motherlode*

No references to how bad good bad good Rick Astley was or ironic reappraisals of T’Pau in this post – just pointing you in the direction of an overwhelming amount of fantastic music made during the 1980’s, some of which you may have never come across before.

1.  A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89

Not exclusively (but predominantly) 80’s. One person’s quest to archive, well, female fronted punk rock. From the relatively well known (Penetration, Plasmatics) to the fantastically obscure (Jo Squillo Eletrix? Wilma & The Wilbers?). Always slightly uncomfortable classifying music as “female” but with 325 songs spread across 12 volumes, all available to download for free, we’ll have to let that slide.

2. Bedroom Cassette Masters

An ongoing archive of homemade 80’s electronic music released almost exclusively on cassette. Warning – some of these tracks (especially in later volumes) may possibly have been made in another decade, as revealed in an interview in Louder Than War.

3. FACT’s 100 Best Albums Of the 1980’s

The Queen Is Dead? Too obvious. Three Feet High & Rising? Never heard of it. Stone Roses? Ttrttpt

A list packed full of metal, hip hop, dub, electronic, dance and pop that has, quite possibly, never made any top 100 list before. We’ve compiled a spotify playlist of some of the albums that passed us by first time around.

4. And if that’s not enough…

Splash some cash and treat yourself to both of the following new but exhaustive 5 CD compilations:

Cherry Red’s “Scared To Get Happy – A Story Of Indie Pop 1980 – 1989”

Harmless Record’s “Terry Farley Presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid & Deep House 1985-1991”

*Thanks to WFMU’s Mining The Audio Motherlode for the title inspiration

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