The Show: Rants, manifestos and lists

A wee while ago we played a track by Pairs entitled “A surgeon at a hospital in Shanghai severed a nerve in my groin” (tip of the hat to Sean Hocking of Metal Postcard Records). As you’ve probably guessed, we’re suckers for songs that are rants, manifestos, or lists. The aforementioned Pairs track probably falls into the latter camp and is a real blast.

Bill Bird of RDU’s legendary Human Pleasure @ Hourly Rates has let it be known that there is an accompanying video. Watch it below in all its technicolor, domestic chores, stop motion glory.

And here’s the playlist in full – no ads this week so it’s a concentrated 2 hour hit.

+ Download – 200MB

2 Replies to “The Show: Rants, manifestos and lists”

    1. Hi Colin
      Apologies. The Herb Whisperer was away last week and I neglected to record the show. So no podcast for 27 October 2012. However the podcast for yesterdays show is now online. Happy listening!
      xox Fraserhead

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