The Show: D.I.Y.

No representation from us this week. Instead we left you in the dexterous hands of Mr. John Ussher from Hauswerk, who enthralled us with dance tunes with squeaky toy rhythms and made us swoon with a trip down The Pharcyde memory lane.

If you were pining for our usual playlist, feel free to create your own by mixing and matching from the following three Joint staple ingredients.

1) Disco

Courtesy of Giorgio Moroder who keeps uploading unreleased tracks, spanning his entire career, to Soundcloud

2) Noise

Courtesy of Alec Empire with a mix he did for Dim Mak records. If we’re not mistaken Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert, old friends of The Joint, make an appearance at some point.

3) Offence

Courtesy of Die Antwoord who are continuing their recent track record of making the most unsettling videos since the heyday of Chris Cunningham.

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