Earthquake stops play

Minimal earthquake damage 4 September 2010

Very minimal earthquake damage indeed at Fraserhead's place !!!

No show today sorry. However, The Herb Whisperer has put arranged something for your listening pleasure.

Last Saturday’s earthquake means that the RDU studios are off limits. Hopefully we’ll be back on air next Saturday. RDU is still broadcasting an automated playlist.

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Bit of a bummer really because Tommy Ill was popping into the show today for a chat about life on tour, his new album, and his show tonight. The bad news is that Goodbye Blue Monday is still closed but the good news is that the gig has been shifted to Al’s Bar.

In case you missed it first time round, here’s Tom Cosm’s Official Christchurch 2010 Earthquake Tune

More earthquake info…


One response to “Earthquake stops play

  1. Hope everything is alright with your guys and your friends… this earthquake looks terrible by the pictures i saw this week.

    GOOD VIBRATIONS (!) from Cloud Chapel – Sao Paulo