Earthquake stops play

Minimal earthquake damage 4 September 2010
Very minimal earthquake damage indeed at Fraserhead's place !!!

No show today sorry. However, The Herb Whisperer has put arranged something for your listening pleasure.

Last Saturday’s earthquake means that the RDU studios are off limits. Hopefully we’ll be back on air next Saturday. RDU is still broadcasting an automated playlist.

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Bit of a bummer really because Tommy Ill was popping into the show today for a chat about life on tour, his new album, and his show tonight. The bad news is that Goodbye Blue Monday is still closed but the good news is that the gig has been shifted to Al’s Bar.

In case you missed it first time round, here’s Tom Cosm’s Official Christchurch 2010 Earthquake Tune

More earthquake info…

Force Majeure II

The New Sheffield Students' Union Media Development Co-ordinator
The New Sheffield Students' Union Media Development Co-ordinator

We’re still denied access to the RDU studios after last weekend’s earthquake so no show again.

In the meantime why not listen to some proper DJ’s. Here’s Mary Anne Hobbs final radio broadcast for BBC Radio 1 that went out earlier this week. Entitled “Mary Anne’s Send Off Show“, it includes a special farewell collaborative mix from Kode9 and Burial.

Mary Anne Hobbs:

1. Drumcorps – Terrible Things
2. Vex’d – Lion VIP
3. Braiden – The Alps
4. Gonja Sufi & The Gaslamp Killer – Change
5. Jahbitat & Daniel Gutteriez – Tonado Tel Tormento
6. Uma Thurman & John Travolta – Fox Force Five Joke
7. Sepalcure – Your Love
8. Rakim – I Know You Got Soul Version
9. Al’Tourettes – Swan Sketch
10. Subtle – Long Vein Of The Law (featuring Mike Patton and Alexis Anne)
11. Jacques Green – Tell Me
12. Misty In Roots – Mankind
13. Aphex Twin – ‘i’
14. Burial – Fostercare

+ Part 1/ 3 – 46 Mb mp3

Kode9 And Burial

1. Speedy J – Tesla
2. Zomby – Natalia’s Song
3. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B Version 1)
4. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B Version 2)
5. Brandy – Angel (X-Men Vocal Mix)
6. Laurie Spiegel – Voices Within – A Requiem
7. Alena – Turn It Around (Hard House Bantons Mandy Mix)
8. Cooly G – He Da Biz
9. Theo Parrish – Soul Control (featuring Alena Waters)
10. KMFH aka Kyle Hall – Girl U So Strong (Wild Oats)
11. Terror Danjah – S.O.S.
12. Darkstar – 2 Chords
13. Prince – Condition of the Heart
14. Erykah Badu – Telephone
15. Foul Play – Being With U Rmx
16. A Guy Called Gerald – Silent Cry

+ Part 2/ 3 – 33 Mb mp3

Mary Anne Hobbs

01. Kode9 – Black Sun
02. Method Man – Release Yo’ Delf (Prodigy Remix)
03. Mosca – Nike (Club Edit)
04. Monkey Mafia – Work Mi Body (featuring Patra & scratches by Krash Slaughta)
05. Ikonika – Yoshimitsu
06. Pudge – Awesome
07. Airhead – Paper Street
08. Billie Holiday – Yesterdays (Junior Boys Remix)
09. Seaming – Vertigo Billy
10. Claro Intelecto – Beautiful Death
11. Ms Dynamite & Oris Jay – Tes Dis

+ Part 3/ 3 – 32 Mb mp3

Force Majeure

There was no show today and therefore no playlist, tweets or podcast to accompany it. For our NZ audience the reason is obvious, but for the literally tens of listeners overseas who may not be aware, Christchurch was hit by an earthquake today. We’re all hunkering down bracing ourselves for the magnitude 6 after-shock we’ve been promised.

Personally I think it was my promise / threat to play country music on yesterday’s blog – there’s nothing the genre likes better than some misfortune, tragedy or epic event to get it’s teeth stuck into.

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