Tono and the Finance Company “Fragile Thing” EP

Tono and the Finance Company "Fragile Things" EP

I was at Galaxy Records yesterday on the hunt for the Tono and the Finance Company 2008 EP “Love and Economics” when I discovered that Dave had the newish “Fragile Thing” EP in stock. So I bought it (#147 of 300 I’ll have you know).

Damn nice EP too. Throughout I hear faint traces of  Paul Banks, Stephen Malkmus, and Graeme Downes (… the curse of a music geek making comparisons sorry). “Tuesday Afternoon” has been getting a thrashing on RDU lately. Title track is fantastic. And “Politics Will Make You Miserable” is possibly the best Smiths song that Morrissey and Marr never wrote.

I’m not usually one for “singer/songwriters” (I honestly have real trouble hearing lyrics in music – I usually tune into the bassline) but something about Anthonie Tonnon really appeals to me. Perhaps it’s because he has balls to keep things loose and slightly rough around the edges (don’t tell him I said that last bit okay)?

Reviewers describe him as being “ironic”. Can’t stand that term myself. I prefer “witty”. At a stretch “quirky”.

Here’s the recent Cheese On Toast interview:

More info:

As a bonus, here’s that freakish video for “Love and Economics”…

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