The show: Synth madness in town tonight

If you like synths and fuzzed out cover versions then head along to the Golden Axe “Fantasy Footwork” album release party tonight 9pm at High Street Project. Supported by secrets (aka Fraser Austin) and Dorkwind. $10 on the door.

And happy 29th birthday Benet Hitchcock !!! Let’s hope your birthday party tonight is like the one in the Data “One in a million” video (but without the cake throwing and unhappy ending – good costumes though!)…

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

Download 12pm – 1pm here (m4a / aac file)

1pm – 2pm

Download 1pm – 2pm here (m4a / aac file)

Alternatively, this is the raw, unpasteurized version of the show in mp3 format. No chapters, pictures or links. Slightly less quality. Otherwise the audio content is the same as the two files above. The choice is yours…..

Download 12pm – 2pm here (mp3 file)

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