Jeff Mills vinyl and CD in one!


Ah. That crazy Jeff Mills. Not content with branching into high end automotive accessories a few years back (with his Axis Road Trip range), DJing in a Barcelona shop window or performing with French orchestras, techno’s renaissance man has created a hybrid disc for The Occurrence with a vinyl pressing on one side and a cd mix on the other.

Sure… it’s a gimmick but it’s a nice gimmick.

Update: Wired reported a similar thing back in November 2007.

And in case you missed them first time round…

Jeff Mills & Montpellier National Orchestra performing “Blue Potential”

Behind the scenes of Jeff Mills’ “Exhibitionist”

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  1. Jeff miils live at the liquid rooms in Shinjuku. A CD I have now lost. No word of a lie. After a night out a few peeps came back to mine and this DJ type was hogging computer and music and I said can I put a CD on. He said I wouldn’t have his taste etc. I said for example , him, Jeff Mills @liquid room. I said “got It “. Smug grin still being worn!

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