The Show: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Brand new Shit & Shine with an accompanying video (see above) that uses footage from the 1986 documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot (see below).

This, in turn, has inspired the Judas Priest links in today’s show. Who knew Rob Halford was so omnipresent on MTV promos and commercials in the mid 80’s (apart from 240 million Americans, that is)? TURBO POWER!

It’s a milestone in the careers of both Donny Osmond and Elton John as they both make their full Joint debuts, independently of each other but in the same unlikeliest of circumstances (hip-hop collaborations).

Plus The Sesh is back courtesy of Clara!.

Direct download: The Joint – 01 September 2018

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • LEE HAZLEWOOD – The Girl On Death Row
  • LETS EAT GRANDMA – I Will Be Waiting (Baths Remix)
  • MUSH – Gig Economy
  • FUTURE GET DOWN – Here Come The Wreckers
  • SIR BABYGIRL – Heels
  • HOUSE OF FEELINGS – Touchscreen (featuring Meredith Graves)
  • MUNYA – Hotel Delmano
  • RICO NASTY – Wanna Do


  • BROOKE CANDY – My Sex (featuring Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR)
  • ATTRAKTTA – Distance in Ultrablue
  • NEZI MOMODU – Broken
  • LALA LALA – Water Over Sex
  • LIL YACHTY vs DONNY OSMOND – Start The Par-Dee
  • YOUNG THUG vs ELTON JOHN – Rocket Man
  • SINGERS & PLAYERS – Bedward The Flying Preacher



  • STEFFLON DON – Lil Bitch (Intro)
  • JONWAYNE – Last Last Fall
  • MEDHANE – Garden
  • MASS GOTHIC – How I Love You
  • CURTISS MALDOON – Sepheryn (Ray Of Light)
  • LOW – Disarray
  • ARIANA GRANDE – The Light Is Coming (featuring Nicki Minaj)
  • SHIT & SHINE – Yeah I’m On Acid

The Show: (4) Year (s) of the horse (truck)

All good things come to an end. Today was our final show (touch wood) from the beloved RDUnit. Thank you RDUnit. You will be sorely missed.


Hard to believe we’ve been broadcasting from a converted horse truck for almost 4 years now.

How did it all begin?

As a consequence of the 22 February 2011 earthquake RDU was no longer able to broadcast from its premises in the University of Canterbury Students’ Association building on the Ilam campus. An automated playlist ran for several months while plans were hatched.

On Saturday 9 July 2011, after what seemed like a lifetime of aftershocks, the RDUnit was revealed to the world in a launch party at C4 on Tuam Street. It was a mean party too. Have a look at the poster.

Our first show from the RDUnit was 23 July 2011 when the RDUnit was parked at the Colombo/Wordsworth intersection in Sydenham. It was strangely reassuring to watching traffic go past and having people drop in. It was also good to see life carry on after such traumatic events. We needed that after not having our usual creative outlet for five months.

After a while the RDUnit moved to a yard round the corner on Hawdon Street. Surrounded by barbed wire, iron fences, warehouses and workshops it sure felt like being on the set of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch.

And then the RDUnit moved to its current location, a residential backyard in central Christchurch. There’s something quite nice about having a lawn, a garden, trees and old villas just outside a studio.

From 1 May 2015 RDU will be broadcasting from a fresh new space in the ArtBox precinct on the Madras/St Asaph corner (across the road from CPIT).

During the show we talked about Mexrrissey – Mexico Goes Morrissey happening Saturday night at the Barbican in London. We won’t be able to get there in time but the Herb Whisperer is curious to know if The Smith’s lyrics will be lost in translation. Luckily Google Translate can shed some light on matters. For example, some of the delightful lyrics for “Ask”:

  • English: “…buck toothed girl in Luxembourg…”
  • Spanish: “…dientes de conejo chica en Luxemburgo…”

Don’t believe us?  Have a listen for yourself…

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-04-25-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

ANZAC Day Podcast Bonus