The show: Back on the straight and narrow

The Joint is back in action. Cheers!
Fraserhead and The Herb Whisperer

Hard to believe it’s five months since we’ve been on air. Our last show was the Saturday before the February 22 earthquake. Damn nice to be back.

RDU is now running shows from the fabulous RDUnit (a converted horse truck) and for the moment is based at the Colombo Street / Wordsworth Street corner in Sydenham. The RDU programme has been rejigged which means we’re still starting midday on Saturdays but now finishing at 1.30pm. Check the new RDU website for full details of shenanigans.

Great fun rocking an old skool mic too. Which might explain random sound levels. And dropouts. And lack of attention to mixing. Ahem.

And here’s the playlist in full…

+ Download 12pm – 1:30pm – 128MB

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