Forewarned Is Forearmed

NPR Music Spotlight On Country Archive
NPR Music Spotlight On Country Archive

Just a word of warning ahead of tomorrow’s edition of The Joint – for most of the week I’ve been listening to NPR’s Spotlight On Country podcast series.

It’s too early to say how exactly this will affect my choice of songs in Saturday’s playlist, possibly in the form of a Merle Haggard threesome or a Waylon Jennings Sesh.

Or maybe I’ll just play George Jones“He Stopped Loving Her Today” whilst quietly crying in the studio. Am I alone in thinking that one of the This Mortal Coil line-ups could do a fantastic cover version of this song, maybe as a bonus track on the forthcoming 4AD boxset?

Box(set) of Orange Juice

Orange Juice - Coals To Newcastle

The NME reported yesterday that Domino Recordings are set to release an Orange Juice 7 disc boxset on the 8th of November, possibly due to overwhelming public demand after The Joint played the title track of Edwyn Collins’ new CD “Losing Sleep” last Saturday. Possibly.

Entitled “Coals To Newcastle”, the release will comprise their entire discography plus video footage.

I’m particularly looking forward to the latter because it will include the official promo for “What Presence?!” – which I reckon to be the best Orange Juice single and a piece of video I’ve never seen. Derek Jarman directed to boot.

Sure, you can stream it online at or or some other off -the-beaten-track video site but NOT if you live in New Zealand. We have to put up with some dodgy VHS footage of an Old Grey Whistle Test appearance or one of those motionless YouTube tributes…

Some Things For The Weekend:

I’ve watched this a few times and I’m of the thinking that it’s one of the great TV / music moments- MIA on David Letterman:

I’ve watched this a few times and I’m of the thinking that Buju Banton (author of Boom Bye Bye) should get, ahem, a special birthday present in jail:

I’ve watched this twice and I’m of the sinking feeling that David Harvey is right when he says “Debt incumbent homeowners don’t go on strike”:

“So you want some more, do yer? You fackin cant…” – Guy Ritchie directs Oliver! 2010

Shut it! You slag.

Following on from our brainstorming session right at the end of today’s show, we present the cast list so far for Guy Ritchie’s Oliver! 2010:

  • ___________     … Fagin
  • ___________     … Nancy
  • Jason Statham Bill Sikes
  • ___________     … Mr. Bumble
  • ___________     … Oliver Twist
  • Russell Brand The Artful Dodger
  • ___________     … The Magistrate
  • ___________     … Mr. Brownlow
  • ___________     … Mrs. Bumble
Help us fill in the blanks and resolve the disputes raging at The Joint Mansions:
To help stir your memory you can find the original cast list here and thanks to Showbiz Queenstown for the inspiration.