Gemma Syme takes over the controls

Gemma Syme aka Instant Fantasy
“Do I r-e-a-l-l-y have to get up early on a Saturday for this?”
Gemma Syme aka Instant Fantasy

We’re delighted to announce that Gemma Syme aka Instant Fantasy and host of RDU’s Te Ahi Top 10 will be taking over the controls of The Joint for the next three weeks while we take a little break.

Gemma says she’ll be playing all the hits from people like Leno Lovecraft, E+E, Lio, A G Cook, Andy Stott and Bobby Brown (but not the one you might think). Guests for the first week are Power Nap and DJ Daif (aka as Golden Axe) from AK/WGTN.

Gemma also sings on Shocking Pinks’ “St. Louis” – one of my favourite tracks from 2014. I would have asked her to autograph my iPod and “Guilt Mirrors” vinyl but I’m far too shy to do that sort of thing. Have a peek at the video below…

So tune in and hear how radio should be done properly.

xox Fraserhead

Gemma Syme online

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