New Zealand International Film Festival 2013

It’s already started and we’ve been a bit slack hyping it up on the show but the New Zealand International Film Festival 2013 started last Thursday in Christchurch and runs until 18 August.

As always, lots of interesting looking music documentaries. Here are just a handful that caught our eye…

Sheen of Gold

Simon Ogston’s documentary about The Skeptics.
Screenings: Monday August 12 – 8:30pm at Northlands.
More info: Under the Radar interview with Simon Ogston
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This Ain’t No House Music!

Documentary about German count Chris Strachwitz who left Germany after World War II at age 16 for the USA and in 1960 started up roots label Arhoolie Records.
Screenings: Friday August 9 – 4:15pm at Northlands and Saturday August 10 – 3:45pm at Northlands.
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Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Arrested for hooliganism in a central Moscow cathedral, the three members of the Russian art/punk/performance troupe Pussy Riot have remained able to say a great deal more about themselves in public than media coverage generally lets on.
Screenings: Damn. Missed it.
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Twenty Feet from Stardom

No one ever thinks about the henchmen. And no one ever thinks about the backup singers. Now you can put some names to faces and voices.
Screenings: Thursday August 15 – 1:30pm at Northlands, Sunday August 18 – 4:30pm at Riccarton
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