The Show: Ride Your Zebra To Impress Her

Best opening line of any song this year.

There’s no podcast of today’s show, which is a shame as it’s not everyday we are serenaded live in a horse truck in an earthquake zone with a ukelele version of 99 Luftballons by a lady who hails from the same part of Germany as Nena herself.

The lady strumming and singing live in the RDUnit was Silke Hartung, host of Freak The Sheep, newsreader at 95bFM and first time visitor to Christchurch. We look forward to having the invitation reciprocated, so The Joint can perform live on the Auckland airwaves (Fraserhead on cowbells, The Herb Whisperer on Stylophone Beatbox).

Because of the absence of audio evidence we’re declaring this the greatest show we’ve ever done, safe in the knowledge no-one can prove otherwise.

The lost classic playlist in full:

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