Blue Jam II

Blue Jam 2.
Blue Jam 2

*** Apologies – this should have been broadcast last weekend but our inability to master the fundamentals of e-mail meant it didn’t happen. This, of course, makes The Rapture pun and reference even lamer than it was 7 days ago. ***

The second of two mixes blending excerpts from Chris Morris‘ Blue Jam CD and our favourite earworms of the last couple of months, plus one oldies thrown in for a very good reason.

In case we don’t all make it to the end of the show we thought we should start with “Sister Saviour”, there’s nothing like a bit of Rapture to bookend your day. The Joint does welcome Harold Egbert Camping‘s prediction of today’s events with open arms, a clear conscience and (of course) fresh underwear.

We hope to see you on the other side.

+ Download 12pm – 2pm – 176MB

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  1. hey guys i hope you’re all okay after all these sad things that happened in chirstchurch. really want to see the joint get back to the weekly shows (and updates).

    cheers from brazil!

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