Party like it’s 1996: John Peel’s Festive Fifty from 15 years ago

#1 in 1996, 10 OClock Live in 2011
#1 in 1996, 10 OClock Live in 2011

We’re still fine tuning our R18 Vintage Cuts banned records special and, to be honest, it’s getting difficult to pin down what exactly constitutes a ban on a record.

If you’re a member of Anal Cunt playing grindcore to an audience of 50 people in West Newton, Massachusetts, you can’t exactly claim your new limited edition split 7″ single on Stinky Horse Fuck records has been banned just because the Clear Channel won’t put it on the playlist.

Add in the fact that media outlets very rarely officially “ban” songs these days, they just ignore them or advise presenters against playing them at certain times of the day, and we’re entering very murky waters indeed.

Whilst we continue to sift through the semantics of censorship we will take the easy option leave you with the countdown from #25 to #1 from John Peel’s Festive Fifty from 1996.

As is always the case with these old radio shows the quality is not always the highest – they’ve been ripped from cassettes, they have crude edits when the tape has had to be flipped over and songs have been dubbed in from other sources when someone forgot to do the flipping and missed a track – but the same could be said of a normal episode of The Joint.

If the suspense of finding out who is in the top spot is too great for you there’s always a spoiler online.

+ Download 12pm – 2pm – 137MB

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