The show: 2011-01-22 (Reprise)


Radio New Zealand said "Fuck Fuck Buttons", apparently.
Radio New Zealand said "Fuck Fuck Buttons", apparently.

In light of the fact that there will be 33% less of The Joint for the foreseeable future, we’ll increase our on-line only content to try and redress the balance with a series of exclusive (add heavy air quotes around that last word) mixes, interviews, other podcasts and assorted oddities.

First up we’re boldly going to go where Radio New Zealand fears to tread. David Klein is both a friend of The Joint and the Wednesday Drive host on RDU. He also occasionally moonlights as a contributor to Music 101, the additional income helping him to indulge his secret penchance for chinchilla fur accessories.

Only once has the national radio station declined to broadcast one of his interviews – the one he conducted with Ben Power from the magnificent Fuck Buttons. We’re sure David explained to us at the RDU Christmas Party at Goodbye Blue Monday as to why his submission was returned to him, but we were paying more attention to trying to score another free pint of Bodgie Beer. However, we still agreed to post the item so it wasn’t lost forever.

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