New Zealand Music Month and NZ on Air

Ah… good old New Zealand Music Month is here.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s a backlash in the offing (if so it seems to have been spread out over 10 years as a very mild simmering cynicism) but it’s interesting how there’s more differing opinions being voiced more freely than before. Or maybe I’ve paid more attention this time round?

I’ve never bought into the saying “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all”. I quite like well argued contrarian viewpoints and opinions and the last week has seen some quite interesting views about NZ on Air and NZMM.

Here goes…

Sounds like us – Vicki Anderson of The Press looks at the bullseye on her New Zealand Music Month T-shirt and wonders just who or what the target should be.

Music month hits sour note – Do government organisations designed to help artists really hit the mark? Vicki Anderson of The Press argues they don’t… oh, and how come the South Island misses out? (The article is from NZMM 2008 and is an interesting flashback).

Flashback: World Series, St James theatre, 2002 – Peter McLennan questions the effectiveness of NZ on Air funding and reminisces about the 2002 World Series showcase of New Zealand music (jeez – forgot all about that).

Changing Times – Russell Brown (Hard News/Public Address) analyses Duncan Greive’s article (which features in the latest issue of Real Groove magazine) about the current state of NZ on Air. An interesting discussion follows »

The worst NZ albums I have reviewed – Tee hee. Simon Sweetman is never afraid to voice his opinion. I don’t always agree with him but he sure pushes people’s buttons. And that’s good and refreshing.

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