The show: Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes.

“Shit! If this gonna be that kind of party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes” Mantan Moreland

Ahem – yes – mashed potatoes.

For years I have wondered where the Beastie Boys got the legendary “mashed potatoes” sample as used on the track “B-Boys Makin’ with the Freak Freak” from the 1994 album “Ill Communication”. For some unknown reason I decided to consult the internet this morning and struck gold with the brilliant Mic to Mic Beastie Boys fan site. Thanks fellas. Turns out it was comedian Mantan Moreland.

And here’s the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

Download 12pm – 1pm here (m4a format)

1pm – 2pm

Download 1pm – 2pm here (m4a format)

2pm – 3pm

Download 2pm – 3pm here (m4a format)

Alternatively, this is the raw, unpasteurized version of the show in mp3 format. No chapters, pictures or links. Otherwise the audio content is the same as the three m4a files above. The choice is yours…..

Download 12pm – 3pm here (mp3 format)

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