(I Got A) Catholic Block

After our incoherent stream of consciousness regarding Pope Ratzinger the other week – The Herb Whisperer still gets him confused with Cliff from Cheers – thank you Greg Dodds for pointing us in the direction of this debate:

Which neatly ties in with a portion of this weeks Daily Show.

2 Replies to “(I Got A) Catholic Block”

  1. First off, I’m not Catholic, but in the interests of balance shouldn’t you also post a link to the response to Stephen’s speech? He wasn’t the only one at that debate.

    1. You’re dead right.

      In the interests of fairness and balance I have posted another video at https://thejoint.co.nz/2010/03/20/video-bill-hicks-the-pope/

      Hopefully that sets things right. Bill Hicks sums it up better than I ever could.

      I still feel bad about the crass, mean-spirited, tasteless, spiteful things I said on-air a few weeks ago about the Catholic Church. I don’t actually feel bad for actually saying those things – I just feel bad that that the following week most of it was borne out in media coverage of the latest revelations of child abuse by catholic priests in Germany and Ireland.

      Truth is stranger than fiction (even Dan Brown novels).

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