The show: Happy hallowe’en

Hallowe’en was invented in 1351 in Ireland when agricultural workers, after months of back-breaking potato digging and processing of the annual harvest, needed a way of getting the kids out of the house for the evening so they could have a quiet Guinness, Bushmills chaser and big joint in a bubble bath.

Trick-or-treating was invented to keep those kids occupied for several hours. The early years were brutal, with tales galore of small ginger freaks kneecapping grumpy neighbours with shillelaghs. Things improved in the 1880s when the most violent Irish children went to live in New York City with Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis. The trick-or-treating became gentrified and commodified, growing into the tradition that most people now complain about when they call Hallowe’en an American institution.

However, if you don’t get into the trick-or-treating spirit there is still a violent undercurrent as evidenced below in a classic scene from Curb Your Enthusiam

In which The Herb Whisperer promises to play the scariest song of all time – White Noise “The Visitation”. Be afraid. Very afraid.

PS: Fraserhead has excellent spatial awareness but poor time perception. So poor in fact that he thinks Show Day (Friday 13 November) is next Friday. Apologies for confusing anyone. We’d edit it out of the podcast but it affects too much of the show, so when Fraserhead speaks please ignore anything he says. Seriously.

Today’s playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

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1pm – 2pm

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2pm – 3pm

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