The show: Taking the peace

So maybe we were a little mean spirited on the show today about Bazza Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

We were kidding when we said he sent an unmanned drone to collect the prize while he sat in the White House contemplating the enigma of solving the Afghanistan situation (eg: whether to bomb Afghanis or shoot Afghanis). Unmanned drones can’t reach Norway from US bases in Iraq.

Anyway, here’s US Congressman Ron Paul with an interesting perspective on the situation. [Thx Max & Stacy]

And here’s today’s playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

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4 Replies to “The show: Taking the peace”

  1. No worries Bob. Can’t believe we never switched to WordPress in the first place. Putting the playlist online realtime makes it seem like we’re actually putting some effort into the show for once.

  2. Nitevisions?

    At first I thought they must be some sort of Soulwax or Daft Punk tribute act but it seems like they are some sort of Duran Duran sub-brand.

    So – yup – they’re in.

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