Long time listener, first time blogger…

The show has been going since July 2001 and we have f-i-n-a-l-l-y got around to putting something online.

Schizophrenic weather is toying with us. Chunks of sunlight then freezing showers. A classic Christchurch midwinter day. Which explains the stupid drivers. And the hordes of All Blacks and Wallaby fans. The sort of day you need to carry a stun-gun.

Last night we made it to The Dux just in time to see the last song and a half of Minuit’s set. Missed Pine altogether. The Herb Whisperer is nursing a sore head from too much lime Finlandia. That’s rock and roll. Anyway, the new Pine album LongPlayer is fricking fantastic.

To make us feel better the PD had left us a bundle of goodies. This included the new TTC album on the mighty Big Dada. Mad French hip-hop. Thrashed some of the new Capital Recordings compilations CapitalBase 1, Earwork 02 and Earwork 04. Rather fine stuff. Especially the very fabulous Mike Fabulous. Those reggae keyboards instantly brightened our whole day.

The Sesh this week was DJ Spec. We never ever thought someone could get away with starting a set with the “I Dream Of Jeannie” theme tune and end up playing The Strokes “New York City Cops” via hip-hop. But they did. And we promise to play the new Prefuse 73 stuff next week. Honest.

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • SCHMOOV! “People”
  • MARK DE CLIVE-LOWE “Better Days” **NZ**
  • THE VIDEO KID “Dawnskate-88” **NZ**
  • MINUIT “Stories For Boys” **NZ**
  • FAULTLINE “Where Is My Boy”
  • CHICANE “Space and Time” **NZ**
  • THE LIBERTINES “What A Waste”
  • DLT “Break It Down Like Dis” **NZ**
  • PUBLIC ENEMY “Brothers Gonna Work It Out”
  • AFU-RA “Stick Up”
  • TTC “Pollutions”
  • HAPPY MONDAYS “Wrote For Luck”
  • THE RAPTURE “House Of Jealous Lovers”
  • BOOM-BIP and DOSEONE “Town Criers Walk”
  • SALMONELLA DUB “Gospel According To Mant” **NZ**
  • ROCKWOOD “Chee” **NZ**
  • CUFFY and LEON D “Deep New C” **NZ**
  • FLASH HARRY vs THE VIDEO KID “Mickey Budz” **NZ**
  • KIMRU KIMRA “Essential Things” **NZ**
  • WRONG WHITE CROWD “Cleo Patron Sing” **NZ**
  • MIKE FABULOUS and THE JAMBOREE SOUND “Whopper Chopper Seaside Extravaganza In Dub” **NZ**
  • HORACE ANDY “Youth Of Today” Kaleidoscope remix
  • THE VINES “Get Free”
  • ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION “Free Satpal Ram”
  • SAUL WILLIAMS “Om Nia Merican”
  • COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE “Let’s Kill Music”
  • PINE “Wanted Boys” **NZ**
  • THE BREEDERS “Do You Love Me Now?”
  • EASYWORLD “You Make Me Want To Drink Bleach”
  • BEASTIE BOYS “Ricky’s Theme”
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