Lord, I cannot wait a single moment more…

nuck-caveToday’s episode features seven insights from Nicholas Edward Cave for us to reflect upon.

If these seven psalms get too heavy for you there’s lots of relief for you in the form of new cuts from Ben Woods, Fazerdaze, Motte, the legendary Dr Hitchcock, and many more.

On with the show.

Direct download: The Joint – 30 July 2022

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • NICK CAVE – How Long Have I Waited?
  • DR HITCHCOCK – Dark Lorde 8888
  • WET LEG – Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)
  • CORNERS – La Piano (Liam’s 303 mix)
  • NICK CAVE – Have Mercy on Me
  • B.VISIBLE – Dub Cabernet
  • FANTASMA DO CERRADO – Estrada de Vila Ventura (noite)
  • MOTTE – Plateau
  • NICK CAVE – I Have Trembled My Way Deep
  • CONRAD SCHNITZLER – Bis die Blaue Blume blüht (bureau b edit)
  • BERND KISTENMACHER – Quitting Time (bureau b edit)
  • ROLF TROSTEL – Two Faces (bureau b edit)
  • BEN WOODS – The Strip
  • NICK CAVE – I Have Wandered All My Unending Days
  • FAZERDAZE – Come Apart
  • LUKE WOOD AND LUKE SHAW – The Diamond Harbour
  • JJULIUS – Du aldrig märker
  • ISA GORDON – Stride Breaker
  • COBY SEY – Permeated Secrets
  • NICK CAVE – Splendour, Glorious Splendour
  • DRY CLEANING – Anna Calls From The Arctic
  • INIT – N.O.D.
  • ZANE 2000 – Trees.Cliff (I’ll Miss Him)
  • GIRLS OF THE INTERNET – Sound Asleep (Extended Mix)
  • NICK CAVE – Such Things Should Never Happen
  • THE UPBEATS – We Don’t Lie
  • SOCIAL UNION – Fall Into Me (Social Sport Remix)
  • NICK CAVE – I Come Alone and to You
  • GABE GURNSEY – Hey Diablo
  • HOLOGRAM TEEN – Teen Beats Highway

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: “Gorgeous” George Galloway vs Bill “No Spin Zone” O’Reilly. And the return of The Nicol Brothers.

Tunisian / Palestinian combo Checkpoint 303 have a brand new track out, “Needle Stuck On Lebanon“, which makes good use of news broadcast samples from around the world.

Not only should we thank them for letting us know the song is available as a free download from their website, we are also eternally grateful that they sent us this link to a George Galloway interview that appeared on Sky News UK recently. It’s not a spectacle for the fainthearted, as the Respect MP tears strips off the hapless journalist to the point where he comes across as a misogynistic bully.

We can’t imagine Rupert Murdoch was amused and it certainly wouldn’t have gone to air on Rupert’s other news channel, Fox. Unless George went up against Bill O’Reilly. That really would be a heavyweight challenge. So much so that it could be made the equivalent of a pay-per-view prizefight. We’re willing to cough up a few bucks to watch so let’s start lobbying for it now.

And thank you to The Nicol Brothers aka Offset and Hank for dropping in today to lay down a few drum’n’bass sets. Cheers fellas.

The Show: Drum ‘n’ bass madness

True drum and bass overload on The Joint today! It seemed to generate a lot of text messages and phone calls. We’ll have to do it more often since we’ve been awfully slack on the d’n’b front.

Double big thanks to Offset and Hank (aka The Nicol Brothers) for popping in to play a few sets of their favourite d’n’b cuts. Check the playlist below to see the ground they covered – Offset going for the crunchier numbers and Hank going for the mellower melodic tunes. Hearing Hank cut Headspace‘s “Fly Away” in and out of High Contrast’s “Racing Green” was priceless. What’s scary is that Hank is only 14 and would give a lot of DJs a run for their money. We’re a lot, lot older than 14 and can’t even mix one record.

And speaking of Headspace his alter ego Andre Hemer has an exhibition of his paintings on at 64zero3 gallery in Christchurch.

  • SONO “A New Cage (Digitalism Pogo Edition)”
  • DIGITALISM “Idealism (Original mix)”
  • SICK CYCLE “Shell shock” **NZ**
  • THE UPBEATS “Late nite fright” **NZ**
  • DABRYE feat DOOM “Air”
  • MF DOOM “Kookies”
  • P-MONEY featuring PNC “Bomb!” **NZ**
  • OPENSOULS “Turn it up” **NZ**
  • SICK CYCLE “Never know” **NZ**
  • BIKE “Save My Life” **NZ**
  • TOSCA “Suzuki”
  • VOOM VOOM “Oggi”
  • THE SESH #1 – A drum’n’bass set from OFFSET
    • J MAJIK, DJ WICKAMAN “Sandstorm”
    • SYNSCOPIX “Travelin Man”
    • COMMIX “Trojan”
    • CHACE + STATUS “Believe”
    • BIG BUD “Rice and Beans”
    • GENERATION DUB “Contact”
    • MOTIVE “Savior dub”
    • BAD ROBOT “Kantah”
    • BULLET PROOF “Skrimshank”
    • ALDBRA “Tactile”
  • THE SESH #2 – A drum’n’bass set from HANK
    • SHAPESHIFTER “Long white cloud” **NZ**
    • HEADSPACE “Fly away” **NZ**
    • HIGH CONTRAST “Racing green”
    • LOGISTICS “Together”
    • THE CONTRAST “Days go by”
    • CYANTIFIC “Flashbacks”
    • STATE OF MIND “Sun king” **NZ**
    • SUBFOCUS “Frozen Solid”
  • SPANK ROCK and AMANDA BLANK “Grit city”
  • ROOTS MANUVA “Grown Man”
  • OPENSOULS “Whatever” **NZ**
  • THE FLAMING LIPS “The Sound of Failure/It’s Dark… Is it Always This Dark??”
  • SIGUR ROS “Heysatan”
  • GRANDADDY “Rearview mirror”
  • THE STARS “Sleep Tonight”
  • GOTAN PROJECT “Amor porteño”
  • X-RAY SPEX “I live off you”
  • SICK CYCLE “An angel’s sacrifice” **NZ**
  • FORSS VS BORG “Meat Vs Soul”
  • DIGITALISM “Zdarlight (Edition Moonlight)”
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