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Break it down in an afternoon. Mix it up with a little spoon.

Why the flip did no one tell us about this RULING ELITE video???

Want more of THIS RULING ELITE? Head over to their BANDCAMP.

Right. That’s enough about them. Have a listen to us.

Direct download: The Joint – 11 February 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • Frank Booker – Hope
  • Crooked Lidz – Return to camp bay
  • Mori-Ra – Water
  • Tomorrow’s People – Let’s Get Down With The Beat
  • Arms and Sleepers – You May Visit The Cosmos
  • Borrowed cs – Jazz clap
  • Joy Orbison – Fuerza
  • Mono Girl – Uneven
  • Mica Levi – Graveyard
  • Mica Levi – Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Mica Levi – Vanity
  • Sampha – Under
  • Shades Arcade – Naked Vibes
  • Average Rap Band – Entertainment (feat. Kody Neilson)
  • Seaside x Dharma Rat – Saan Nu
  • 6Foot – Marleys! feat. Karson
  • The Simpsons – Medicinal Marijuana
  • Lobsterdust – It’s Fun To Smoke Dust (Queen vs. Satan) feat. Pastor Gary Greenwald
  • Yoshinori Hayashi – Playing
  • Quarta 330 – Resonate 3
  • ITPDWIP – Blinded By The Light
  • TOM And His Computer – Eighty Four feat. Roxy
  • Jules Space People – DX7 of Love
  • Information Flash – Early in the Mornin’
  • The Ruling Elite – Break it down *
  • The Trendees – Dona Marina
  • Super Paradise – All My Friends
  • Azure – System Groove

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.


You can, kind of, lose yourself in it…

The holidays have been a good time to catch up on the overlooked releases of 2016 as well as enjoy the first fruits of 2017. Even then we could only squeeze in a small selection.

Today we’ve got the dark beats from the likes of MIXHELL (see video above for a 2017 remix of a late 2016 track), Tolouse Low Trax, Marie Davidson, Dread Monochrome, ‘duets’ from Islet and The xx, beautiful noise from The Trendees and MANNEQUIN PUSSY.

We also finally catch up with local hip hop label SEASIDE’s back catalogue. Have a listen to them on Bandcamp or hit the buttons below.

So yeah, just a taste of what’s on the show today.

Direct download: The Joint – 21 January 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • The Timelords – Doctorin The Tardis (Omega III Re-Edit)
  • MIXHELL & Joe Goddard (feat. Mutado Pintado) – Crocodile Boots (Soulwax remix)
  • Tolouse Low Trax – Wooden Words
  • Librarian – Man, It’s After You *
  • Marie Davidson – Naive to the Bone
  • Dread Monochrome – Heartland
  • Islet – Mem Pal Fawda Trio – Youmala
  • The xx – Replica
  • Lexxi & Elysia Crampton – Esposas 2013 (No Drums)
  • MANNEQUIN PUSSY – Romantic
  • The Trendees – Be A Rebel
  • Jim Haney – Can Halen
  • Tropico Duclos – Cancion para Kim Gordon
  • Still Parade – Let Go
  • William Onyeabor – Body and Soul (Peaking Lights remix)
  • OceanView x Part-wun – Red Zoned
  • Shades Arcade – Hung Under
  • 6Foot – High And Low (feat. Sahala)
  • Seaside x Dharma Rat – Errbodi Cold
  • Average Rap Band – Purple Mink Suit Rap (feat. Wes + Dirty)
  • Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You
  • Klātu – No Effects Pls
  • Raz Ohara & Cummi Flu – Papadam
  • Varg – Inga droger / Ingen parfym
  • Folamour – Maybe I Did Burn Ya Place
  • Interstellar Funk – Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix)
  • New Dawn – Perceiving The Pleroma

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading. Do speech samples count???

Hungry is the ghost inside of me


Direct download: The Joint – 27 August 2016

Off-kilter beats, digital drums, air drumming, a 1980s classic, washing machine techno, music with guitars(!), mellower tubby beats, and finished off with some introspective country and dreamy folk.

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • Hoyt Curtin – Battle of the Planets intro
  • Bear Bones, Lay Low – Sowisau
  • TRIO – Da Da Da
  • 1985 Simmons Drums CB700 Demo
  • Com Truise – Sunspot
  • Factory Floor – Relay
  • Beesmunt Soundsystem – First Timer
  • Bored Young Adults – Check Up From The Neck Up
  • Pleasure Model – Bealichtbach
  • Black Merlin – Burn It
  • Inigo Kennedy – NGC6826 (Blinking Eye)
  • Elka – Jayex Story
  • DJ Béeso – Searching
  • Vince Guaraldi – Motocross 1975
  • Man Power – Thnk U
  • 1986 Casio DP1 and keyboard
  • White Owl – In League With The Devil
  • The Trendees – Abandoned Hospital
  • Vinyl Williams – The Presence of Absence
  • 1977 – Auguste & Co
  • Uffe – Tosmogs
  • Kiki Hitomi – Yellow Story
  • Blood Orange – E.V.P.
  • Gallant – Skipping Stones (feat. Jhené Aiko)
  • The Renderers – You Raise Me
  • Marissa Nadler – Hungry Is The Ghost *

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: Game over


Greetings friends, family, whānau.

Today is our last show before we head off on an indefinite sabbatical. Other commitments mean we need to take a break for a while.

The Joint first broadcast on RDU way back in July 2001 when the frequency was still 98.3FM. We started out on Sunday afternoons but after a while switched to Saturday afternoons. The reasons are lost in the mists of time.

By our really rough and unscientific calculations we reckon we’ve done 665 shows so far. That makes this final show today episode number 666. Not a shabby effort really. To put that in some completely unrelated context Ryan Giggs made 672 league appearances for Manchester United and David O’Leary made 558 league appearance for Arsenal.

Thank you for all your kind messages via Facebook, Twitter and the RDU text machine. It was a blast.

To paraphrase and plagiarise James Murphy…

Yeah, we lost our edge
The kids came up from behind
We lost our edge to the kids
From France and from London
And from Christchurch
But we were there
We lost our edge to better-looking people
With better ideas and more talent
And they’re actually really, really nice

Ka kite ano
The Herb Whisperer & Fraserhead

Direct download: The_Joint_2016-04-09-12-16.mp3

Here’s the playlist in full…

The Show: Jeremiah was a bullfrog

The first (and only?) two songs on our Music With Bullfrogs playlist.


And here’s the playlist of today’s show in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-10-24-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm