The Show: Sit down politely, do it like Nike…

Good friend of The Joint Blair Parkes has been busy as ever in his shed studio down in New Brighton and he’s got a new album ‘liveable city’ out now on Bandcamp. Dreamy, fuzzy, trippy and hazy. Just how we like our pop. Video above for the single ‘habit to break’.

A track from Motorbass kicks off the show today in memory of French producer extraordinaire Philippe “Zdar” Cerboneschi (Motorbass, La Funk Mob, and Cassius). And then we delve into a werewolf exploitation horror movie soundtrack from 1971 before weaving our way through our usual left-field and eclectic selections of pop, noise, beats and off-kilter techno.

Direct download: The Joint – 22 June 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • MOTORBASS – Open Sésame
  • GABE GURNSEY – New Kind (Extended Dub)
  • DON GERE – Radio Record 1 (Bonus Track)
  • DON GERE – Werewolves on Wheels (Main Theme)
  • THE HOMBRES – Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
  • L’ÉPÉE – Dreams
  • HATCHIE – When I Get Out
  • SOCCER MOMMY – Be Seeing You
  • PATIENCE – White Of An Eye
  • COMFORT – Husbands (Get Involved)
  • THE RULING ELITE – Gymnasium
  • BELLA VISTA – Mister Wong (Jura Soundsystem Extended Edit)
  • NECRUM SELECT – The Way It Do
  • 2XM – Winston (feat. Flandiz & Neil Macleod)
  • LUIS – Colors Of You
  • MNDSGN. – Browneez
  • ROZA TERENZI – 50 Millionaire
  • WILTED WOMAN – Lon Lon Night Vision
  • DAVID VUNK – Can you tell me the last thing I remembered
  • TOYOTA – Middleton (Keanu Raves Remix)
  • TERR – Tale of Devotion (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
  • BLAIR PARKES – bend the rules

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

Blackpool Rocks

“A Seaside Ting”

No idea what to make of Blackpool grime but Blackpool grime makes it into the show, courtesy of Afghan Dan. He’s also responsible for the most telling / affecting quote from this Noisey documentary – “That’s not really talent, that’s survival” – at the five and a half minute mark.

If you’re keen to dig deeper into the sends, disses and beefs described above let us refer you to the YouTube channel BGMedia, the one-stop shop for all your Blackpool grime needs.

Direct download: The Joint – 3 June 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda  –  Om Rama (THW Rub)
  • Lorde  –  Green Light (Chromeo Remix)
  • Bas Jan  –  Holloway Road
  • Golden BSP  –  No Games
  • AustraliA  –  Drop The Boy
  • General Trees  –  Serious Ting
  • D. Begun – Hey Nas (Boom Music)
  • Harvey Scales And The Seven Sounds  –  The Funky Yolk
  • Psychic Youth  –  Step In Time
  • Chastity Belt  –  5am

Brought to you by the Norwich Boot – Ivanka for Nordstrom

  • Kero Kero Bonito  –  Trampoline (Saint Etienne Remix)
  • Okzharp   –  Dear Ribane (featuring Manthe)
  • Brujjas Deejay  –  Snoop Dog Vs Zato DJ
  • Heaven  –  Lonesome Town
  • Lando Chill  –  No Paz
  • Banana  –  Banana C (THW Rub)
  • Heavy Hawaii  –  Born To Ride
  • Ifriqiyya Electrique  –  Arrah Arrah Abbaina – Bahari – Tenouiba
  • Madd Again!  –  Brand New Dubplate
  • Coby Sey  –  All Change
  • USA/Mexico  –  Possum Trot

Brought to you by the Carra Pump – Ivanka for Nordstrom

  • Soccer Mommy  –  Out Worn
  • Charlatans, The  –  Let’s Go Together
  • Schlachthofbronx  –  Killer (featuring Warrior Queen)
  • Team Picture  –  Air, Not Air
  • Okmalumkoolkat  –  GQI (featuring Amadando)
  • Wavves  –  No Shade
  • Saint Abdullah  –  Martyrdub
  • Steoples, The  –  From The Otherside
  • Afghan Dan  –  Blackpool
  • Massive Attack  –  Protection (The Eno Mix)
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