The Show: I’m feeling very mellow…

Direct download: The Joint – 25 May 2019

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • KELLY MORAN – Halogen (Una Corda)
  • ESG – Moody (Spaced Out) *
  • THE GOLDEN FILTER – Autonomy
  • NOIA – Ciudad Del Humo
  • PJ HARVEY – The Crowded Cell
  • ROB BURGER – Souls Of Winter (feat. Laurie Anderson)
  • DEVI MCCALLION & KATIE DEY – Pigs Don’t Feel Pain
  • DOLLKRAUT – Give You A Dollar
  • VODOR L ZECK – Containeryard
  • JOHANNES KLINGEBIEL – Positional Play
  • EVERSINES – Assemble
  • TEKKLA – One Of Those Nights
  • SOCIAL SPORT – In Situ
  • BLUE VEIL – Measure Of Time
  • 2XM – The Air Stings My Veins
  • FLYING LOTUS – Takashi
  • REFRESHERS – Double Dip
  • CUSTARD SQUARE – Liquid Lightning
  • DE BONS EN PIERRE – The War Room
  • KARYN SMITH – Pillow Talk
  • OUTER SPACES – I See Her Face
  • PIXIES – Havalina

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.

Manic Street Preachers Debut TV Appearance – Video Special #3

Another week, another pile of digitally archived Memorex VHS cassettes.

This is the second episode of the second series of the Snub TV and aired in, ummmm, 1991?

Making their TV debut are a young, cheeky Manic Street Preachers full of piss and vinegar but avoiding eye contact in an endearing adolescent way – “I’d rather never have to do more than 50 (concerts) in my whole life”, “We’ll never write a love song (or ballad) ever”.

Their feature starts at the 11:20 mark. Although it’s available elsewhere on t’internet in isolation, I like the context that the whole show provides.

Their peers in the same programme? Dinosaur Jr, Spirea X, The Pixies, The Darkside, The Scientist and Front Line Assembly.