King Midas Sound dummy mix

Sorry. No show today due to other commitments.

Instead, for your listening pleasure allow us to recommend the King Midas Sound mix recently did for Dummy Magazine.

Put together by vocalist Kiki Hitomi, the mix is a very comforting and soothing yet dark and moody affair. Perfect for late night listening or gardening on a sunny day (the latter is for real – I’ve done it!).

We ♥ Keytars & Violins


Image: Jerrell Conner

Leighton Jones’ excellent Keytars & Violins MP3 blog is my usual starting point when I put together my part of The Joint playlist every week. The brilliant selections of deep techno, deep house, retro disco, and old synth action – mostly from artists and labels I possibly never would have discovered on my own – keep me going back for more.

As well as posting tracks Leighton also posts delicious mixes full of hypnotic tech-house. Perfect stuff for long plane and train rides. Last year I contacted Leighton and asked him if he would like to put together a mix for The Joint. To our delight he was keen to oblige and we played the mix on our 16 January 2010 show.

Download the Keytars & Violins mix for The Joint [MP3 40MB]

  • Abraham – Magpie
  • Mark E – Codsall Juniors
  • Paskal – Sweet Settings
  • John Talabot – Naomi
  • Comtron – C64 Carat (Tom Trago Remix)
  • Idioma – Landscapes (Tim Paris Remix)
  • Geheimtipp – Geheimtipp 3 Side A
  • Ron Geesin – Mominous
  • John Daly – Juno Skies
  • Servi – Laistrygonen