The Show: Some may say that you are only interested in one thing…

A welcome return today from Nick Harte aka Shocking Pinks. His mysterious new MERCEDES CAMBRIDGE project “Adversary” is cinematic, darkly ambient and hypnotically crimecore. It’s the soundtrack for the film that Nicolas Winding Refn was too scared to make. Get it now on Bandcamp and/or get the cassette version via Opal Tapes.

Not to be outdone, after a long hiatus ANIKA aka Annika Henderson is back too. The new album Change is out 23 July 2021. For a wee taste have a listen to Finger Pies…

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 5 June 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • ANIKA – Finger Pies
  • COLD CAVE – Night Light
  • THE JUAN MACLEAN – City Life Disco
  • MARIE DAVIDSON – Renegade Breakdown (Jessy Lanza Remix)
  • AZURE – Southern Tropics
  • REAL LIES – Oh Me, Oh My (Nicotine Patch) feat. Dominique Russell
  • NECRUM SELECT – Catchin’ Vapors [Interlude]
  • R.A.P. FERREIRA – rejoice (feat. Eldon Somers)
  • IL EST VILAINE – Les Mystères de Lorient feat. Narumi Herisson
  • WLF – Bender
  • HOORSEES – Waterfall (Hurts)
  • PICKLE DARLING – Everything Is Flammable
  • MINI – Talk
  • ODDIO FACTORY – The Prophet
  • BLAIR PARKES – shimmer with Teen Haters
  • LANA DEL REY – Blue Banisters
  • PENELOPE TRAPPES – Awkward Matriarch
  • LES BAXTERS – Gamelan Gang
  • LONE – Coming Into Being and Passing Away
  • L.$.D FUNDRAISER – The Last Rite & Ritual Of A Sinking Ship

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.

The Show: Rat Boy Hype Men

This amazingly scientific chart of the phenomenon known as 'vocal fry' is courtesy of Science News.
This amazingly brilliantly scientific chart showing the fingerprint of the phenomenon known as ‘vocal fry’ is courtesy of Science News.

Fraserhead here. Four years behind the times as usual because I’ve only just found out about the phenomenon of the vocal fry register and how it is terrible for young women in the USA to practice it (but it’s okay for men to do so). Happy to admit that “vocal fry” has never bothered me but “upspeak” does get on my tits. Some reading for your Sunday morning below…

NPR: From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We ‘Policing’ Young Women’s Voices?

Naomi Wolf: Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice

Al Jazeera: Stop telling women how to talk

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-07-25-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

The Show: ’79 Fever

Today’s opening (and truly mind boggling) song came courtesy of the Industrial Musicals website.

As well as an online archive, with audio snippets from a variety of these musicals from the 50’s to the 80’s, there’s also a book “Everything’s Coming Up Profits” which is making a strong early bid to be The Joint’s Christmas stocking filler.

For more information have a listen to an interview the authors gave to NPR, complete with recollections from a veteran of many of these productions, and have a look below at a brief appearance one of them made on the David Letterman Show.

And here’s the playlist in full…

+ Download the whole show [158MB]

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

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