OMG – my Human Centipede Sock Puppet wish almost came true!!!

Last Tuesday The Herb Whisperer, Sifty Shane and I took a gamble and went to see The Human Centipede at the NZ International Film Festival.

Despite all the hype it wasn’t too shocking, just a little silly in places, but really may have been “100% medically accurate”. If anything, it reminded me of all the tedious corporate team building courses I’ve been subjected to in my life. All in all, the sort of movie sorbet that everyone needs once in a while.

I was hoping for a sequel eg: “The Human Centipede 2: Sock Puppets” but today I discovered something better.

Today I saw the Sock Monkey Human Centipede on Boing Boing (the designer is Lori Muffinface):

Sock Monkey Human Centipede via Boing Boing
Sock Monkey Human Centipede via Boing Boing

 Maybe more movies should be done as soft toys. It would save us all a lot of time.

NZ Film Festival: “The Human Centipede”

Tuesday 4.15pm at The Regent is your last chance to see The Human Centipede at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival in Christchurch.

Billed as “shockingly controversial” and “100% medically accurate” (very possibly by the people who made the trailer) The Human Centipede sounds like the silliest and funniest movie we’ll see all year.

Anyone who has worked in retail, customer services, a corporate environment, or the music industry will no doubt identify with this movie. Or if you’re the discerning film-goer type with a stick up your arse you can just pretend that it’s a profoundly ironic parable about the West’s disastrous adventure in Afghanistan.

Let’s all pray that they do good box office so that we get to see “The Human Centipede 2: Sock Puppets”.

I like sock puppets.

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