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Fatboy Slim’s Debut TV Appearance… From 1986 – Video Special #2

Continuing the exploration of the pile of VHS cassettes that litter the Joint Mansion during our own personal Earthquake Recovery Process.

I think this mini Housemartins documentary was originally broadcast as part of BBC 2’s “Rock Around The Clock” music marathon on Saturday September 20th 1986. It might be horrifically twee and horribly dated but it has one saving grace (well, two if you include the performance of “Think For A Minute”). At just over the 3 minute mark there is footage of an impossibly young Norman Cook trying to mash up The Clash and Run DMC on a primitive looking pair of turntables.

For want of a better headline, I’m calling it Fatboy Slim’s debut TV appearance – nearly 10 years before he was even a gleam in Norman’s own eye.