The Show: Old Dundonian.

Today’s show leans heavily on (some might say “rips huge chunks from”) an interview that Mark Blyth gave to Ken Early in a recent edition of the Second Captains Podcast.

We like the cut of Mr Blyth’s jib. We like the cut of his Dundonian accent even more, particularly the emphasis that he gives the cr in crisp and crap.

Direct download: The Joint – 24 March 2018

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • ESSAIE PAS  –  Substance M
  • FLAME 1  –  Fog
  • LAUREN AUDER  –  For Those Who Patiently Endure
  • FRANKIIE  –  Glory Me
  • YASSASSIN  –  Mermaidistic Personality Disorder
  • SUNFLOWERS  –  Signal Hill
  • PARROTS, THE  –  Soy Peor
  • BOOJI BOYS  –  Piscine Perfect
  • PARQUET COURTS  –  Almost Had To Start A Fight / In And Out Of Patience
  • HTMLFLOWERS  –  Chrome Halo (featuring Banoffee)
  • JON HOPKINS  –  Emerald Rush
  • SANDUNES  –  Indigo Village
  • BICEP  –  Opal (Four Tet Remix)
  • BENIN CITY  –  Final Form
  • MOULIN ROUGE  –  Sense
  • MARIA USBECK  –  Bosque De Bambú
  • GWENNO  –  Eus Keus?
  • STELLA DONNELLY  –  Mechanical Bull
  • GLORIA  –  Heavy
  • MEDHANE  –  Sal
  • CUCO  –  Melting
  • SKINNY PALEMBE  –  Toy Shooter
  • LOW JACK  –  Look Out Riddim (Dubplate)
  • 700 BLISS  –  Ring The Alarm
  • SCOTTIBRAINS  –  Sustained Threat
  • MISS RED  –  Red – Dagga
  • DR. OCTAGON – Area 54
  • N.E.R.D, RIHANNA & DRAKE  –  Lemon (Drake Remix)
  • DENMARK VESSEY  –  Trustfall
  • YBN NAHMIR  –  Have You Ever


The Show: Joe Frank RIP


The inspiration behind Chris Morris’ Bluejam?

Is it possible to write a sincere eulogy for a person whose existence you weren’t even aware of before they died? That’s the position we find ourselves in with Joe Frank. Lauded this week in many of the podcasts we listen to, we’ve now had a crash course in his surreal and sardonic monologues. For anyone wanting to embark on that same course, there is a Joe Frank documentary, completed before his death, due out this year.

In other audio related news, DPRK’s Moranbong Band make their debut on today’s show in light of their forthcoming PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics appearance. Widely thought to be a gesture designed to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula, the fate of our entire civilisation rests upon the reception to their bombastic mangling of extra-cheesy 80’s pop. May God help us all.

Direct download: The Joint – 27 January 2018

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • REAL DON STEELE, THE  –  Tina Delgado Is Alive
  • SUBURBAN HOMES, THE  –  Anxiety Attack
  • SANDUNES  –  Indigo Village
  • JAM BAXTER & ED SCISSOR – Excellent Donut
  • EELS  –  The Deconstruction
  • IDA’YE  –  Poison Beloved, I’m Lost Without You
  • ZERO ZERO  –  The Sanity Clause (Stoopid)
  • GŪTARA KYŌ  –  Genkai Toppa (Fed Up)
  • DURAN DURAN  –  Girls On Film (Demo)
  • BUSDRIVER  –  Gush
  • YOUNG FATHERS  –  In My View
  • FINN  –  Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough
  • CRIME MOB  –  Knuck If You Buck
  • GWENNO  –  Tir Ha Mor

JOE FRANK  –  No More, My Lord

  • POST PRECIOUS  –  Sign Of The Times
  • JEFF RUSHIN  –  Infiltrate (Original Mix)
  • ✿ LILBOOTYCALL ✿  –  Sailor Moon
  • SHACKS, THE  –  Follow Me
  • MR. VEGAS  –  Heads High
  • GANZI MDUDU  –  Chafu Pozi
  • MORANBONG BAND  –  보란듯이 (With Pride)
  • SHAME  –  One Rizla
  • OUGHT  –  Disgraced In America
  • TSHEGUE  –  Muanapoto
  • ST. VINCENT  –  New York (Kelly Lee Owens Remix)
  • FAMILY CAT, THE  –  Steamroller
  • KISSING THE PINK  –  The Last Film (Hymn Version)

The Show: Scissor Sister

We’re enjoying the first couple of tunes from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds new album so much we snuck one on to the show today. “She Taught Me How to Fly” first caught our eye on an episode of Later with Jools Holland at the end of October. Look carefully. One member of the band is on backing scissors.

Direct download: The Joint – 2 December 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • GWENNO  –  Le Kov Trailer #1
  • JANE WEAVER  –  The Architect (Andy Votel’s Brutaliszt 250kg Readymix)
  • STATIK SELEKTAH  –  Put Jewels On It (featuring Run The Jewels)
  • NOT WAVING  –  Where Are We
  • ESCAPE-ISM  –  Almost No One (Can Have My Love)
  • REMY MA  –  Wake Me Up (featuring Lil’ Kim)
  • OVERMONO  –  Inulin
  • COLD CAVE  –  Glory
  • YAEJI  –  Raingurl
  • BLACK ASTEROID  –  Howl (Black Dub Remix)
  • NOAHS DARK  –  Inward
  • THUNDER JACKSON  –  Guilty Party
  • GO-KART MOZART  –  When You’re Depressed
  • NEW BAD THINGS  –  Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed
  • MEATRAFFLE  –  ‘Ndrangheta Allotment
  • MARVIN GAYE  –  Hitch Hike
  • DJ PREMIER  –  Our Streets (featuring A$AP Ferg)
  • MADVILLAIN  –  Great Day (Four Tet Remix)
  • PINKSHINYULTRABLAST  –  In The Hanging Gardens
  • ANNA BURCH  –  2 Cool 2 Care
  • CARMEN CANEDO  –  Becoming Human
  • YUNG LEAN  –  Metallic Intuition
  • STEFFLON DON, SKEPTA  –  Ding-A-Ling (featuring Skepta)
  • RAKTA  –  Atrativos da Mentira
  • IKONIKA  –  Oral Suspension
  • IAMDDB  –  Shade
  • LIMINANAS, THE  –  Istanbul Is Sleepy (featuring Anton Newcombe)
  • PEREL  –  Die Dimension
  • RUN THE JEWELS  –  Mean Demeanor (Explicit)
  • JANE WEAVER  –  The Architect
  • GWENNO  –  Le Kov Trailer #2

The show: Failing to bridge the generation gap

Can men of advanced years continue to broadcast saucy tunes made by young people without appearing, at best, odd or, at worst, creepy?

We’re not sure, so we invite you to listen to all of Posi+ive by Babeo Baggins in your own time.


And here’s today’s playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-09-12-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

The Show: Dumpling, wine and records

Dumpling, wine and records at Black Estate
Dumpling, wine and records at Black Estate

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-09-12-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm


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