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The Show: Bruschotti

If you like weird phone calls – and who doesn’t? – listen out for a shameless plundering of the Longmont Potion Castle back catalogue.

Official LPC site at www.longmontpotioncastle.com plus and excellent profile from 2016 at Rolling Stone: America’s Underground Prank-Call King Speaks.

Direct download: The Joint – 11 November 2017

And here’s the playlist in full…

  • SonoTWS – Old 45 Records
  • Keita Sano – Night Walking
  • Crackazat – The Only One
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Will Make Room for You (Four Tet Remix)
  • Duncan Gray – Smelly Little Man
  • Longmont Potion Castle – Bruschotti *
  • pickle darling – mouthful
  • Yumi Zouma – December
  • Documenta – Love As A Ghost (single version)
  • The Steffan van Soest Smoke Machine – You Already Know
  • AK/DK – Modulate to Accumulate
  • Neil MacLeod – Settle
  • POLO – eel
  • Lost Temple. – Kahutara Stonewash
  • Road Hog – Window Roll
  • Audio Archaeology. – For Violet
  • Helena Hauff – Do You Really Think Like That?
  • Perth Drug Legend – Fleshers Vennel
  • Longmont Potion Castle – Retro Hang Glider
  • Caramel Smooth Heaven – Motions
  • Golden Teacher – Shatter (Version)
  • Luis & Flandiz – Subtle
  • Galcher Lustwerk – I’m In The Coolest Driver’s High
  • Dub Specialist – Still Dubbing
  • Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Subatomic Sound System – Underground Roots feat. Ari Up
  • Jay Glass Dubs & Guerilla Toss – String Dub
  • Longmont Potion Castle – NBS Electronics 2
  • Black Spuma – No Cube
  • Shadow Moses – Phreeks
  • Krikor Kouchian – WYSIWYG

* The source of this week’s lyrical heading.


The Show: Napoleon Solo

And here’s the playlist in full…

Direct download: The_Joint_2015-06-06-12-14.mp3

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

The Show: It was all smoke and mirrors

Terrible news regarding the recording of this week’s program:

And this was the playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

1pm – 2pm

The Show: Making the cut

A lot of stuff didn’t. Not for quality control reasons mind. Too much music and not enough time.

Have a look at the excess we had over on The Ones That Got Away Spotify playlist. (Un)fortunately those reworkings of Roxy Music in a 20’s jazz style aren’t available in NZ and that truly bizarre Estonian Eurovision contender is YouTube only…

This is a heavily edited show – we had to cut out chunks of audio because of a dodgy microphone and, more impressively, interference caused by the transmitter overheating in the blazing Canterbury sun. Global warming my arse.

And here’s the actual playlist in full…

12pm – 1pm

+ Download 12pm – 1pm [102MB]

1pm – 2pm

+ Download 1pm – 2pm [87MB]

This show accompanied by: Lagavulin 16 year old single malt